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What’s Your Locus?

I was on the phone last week with a newfound creative friend (we bonded over this similarity), talking about the value of different degrees. I confessed that now I have a clearly chosen career path, I wonder if I wouldn’t have been more successful at it sooner if I had studied english, journalism, or literature. As I’ve learned more about this industry, I’ve found out there are for more writing jobs in the world than I thought existed and many of them are initially looking for people with a degree that gives some measure of comfort the new hire will at least have their grammar in check.

My friend assured me that my business degree gave me an edge, and that degrees in the liberal arts are often lacking in so many common sensical lessons. Who’s to say who’s right and wrong here? Whether my insecurity is founded or her opinion is “correct?” That’s not the point of this post anyway. The point is a matter of well-roundedness. I had to admit that conversations about politics, government, the way the world really works are often frustrating from my perspective with LA people b/c of a lack of basic knowledge. They tend to dramatize and romanticize issues, as well as take a childish “it’s not fair! It should be exactly the way I fantasize it should be!” approach.

When I got off the phone I remembered something I’d forgotten about long ago. When I first started business school, in one of my intro classes, our text book explained the internal vs. external locus of control.

Simply put, an external locus describes someone who believes they shape their circumstances. An internal locus describes someone who believes they are shaped by their circumstances. The book went on to roughly say, “External Locus will deliver a lot more success in the long run, than internal.”

Right off the bat, I was being told in B-Books there is an attitude that breeds success, and one that does not. You pick. How wonderful to have learned that!? On the flip side, I have many friends who did not. And on the third hand ;p I know people who were born with an external locus, so it’s fine for them.

To all you…students whatever your discipline…whatever your passon…externalize your locus.

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